Shangri-La Imports are specialist wholesalers of Nepalese and Tibetan clothing and accessories, including jackets, pants, gloves, hats, woolen socks, hand-warmers, cotton shirts, t-shirts, dresses, tops, ponchos, giftware and more.

All our fabrics and textiles are produced using traditional Nepalese and Tibetan methods with unique contemporary designs.

Buying products through Shangri-La Imports supports local Nepalese artisans as most of the products are hand-picked from small cottage industries (supporting fair-trade practices and child-labour free markets).

All products are produced under our own Yak’nYeti design and label.

To view our wholesale catalogue you must register and login as a legitimate reseller.

Yak 'n Yeti Logo

Shangri-La Imports are owners of the famous Yak ‘n Yeti label. Look out for it!